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Fazli Yanik

Keynote speaker for surgery conference-Fazli Yanik
Fazli Yanik
Trakya University, Turkey
Title : Video assisted thoracic surgery outcomes for primary spontaneous


Objective:To evaluate Primary Spontaneous Pneumothorax (PSP) patients who were treated via Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery (VATS) procedure by the means of clinical features, surgical outcomes and follow up results.

Methods: We analysis 56 consecutive patients who underwent VATS procedure for PSP between 2012-2018 retrospectively. There were 47 male and 9 female patients with the mean age of 26,01± 7,4 (18–38) years. VATS was performed under general anesthesia with double lumen intubation. Apical wedge resection and mechanical abrasion or apical pleurectomy performed in 60% of patients with uniportal VATS and two portal VATS in 40% of patients by the same surgical team.

Results: The operation indications were recurrence in 40 (71,5%) patients, prolonged air leak in 14 (25%)  and bilateral pneumothorax in 2(3,5%). Pleurodesis procedures included the upper pleural mechanical abrasion in 44 (78,5%) of the patients, apical pleurectomy in 12 (22,5%). Bilateral VATS procedure was performed for two patients who observed bilateral pneumothorax. The mean operation time, chest tube removal time, length of hospital stay was 26.04±4.61 (20–45) minutes, 1,4±0,6 (1-3) days, 1,7 ± 0,8 (2-4) days, respectively. There was no mortality and complications occurred in 16 (28,5 %) patients. Only three (5.3%) recurrence occurred during the 48,4 ± 11,4 months (9 to 70) mean follow-up period.

Conclusion: VATS stapled bullectomy for PSP when followed mechanical pleurodesis is still a gold-standart and is a reliable, safely method with a low recurrence rate, complication, length of hospital stay and quicker recovery time. The formation of new bullae -blebs could be related the continued smoking behavior can be seen as the main reason for late period recurrences.


Fazli Yanik received his medical degree from Trakya University, Turkey and he was thoracic surgery research fellow in Thoracic Oncology- Surgery at the same University Hospital between 2012-2015. Dr Yoruk is the Clinical Area Coordinator of Thoracic Oncology-Surgery at Department of Thoracic Surgery in Edirne, Turkey. He deals with biomedical research and clinical studies (Phase I-II) in Thoracic Surgery and Oncology. He is actively works at Thoracic Surgery department of Trakya University as Assit. Prof.Dr., since 2015. He is a member of ERS, EACTS and IASLC Societies and a founder of the Turkish Lung Cancer Community.