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September 28-30, 2020 | Paris, France

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September 28-30, 2020 | Paris, France

Pierpaolo Maietta

Keynote speaker for surgery conference - Pierpaolo Maietta
Pierpaolo Maietta
Second University of Naples ,Italy
Title : Gluteal, abdominal, and thoracic multiple impalement injuries-A case report on management of a complex polytrauma


Introduction :

Historically, traumatic injuries include penetrating and blunt lesions. Impalement injury represents one of the rarest and potentially dramatic forms of penetrating trauma. If patient reaches hospital alive and is hemodynamically stable, there is a good chance that patient overcomes the traumatic event. However, non-removal of foreign body represents the cornerstone in initial treatment of this type of patients.

Patient concerns:

A stable 55-year-old woman was admitted to the Emergency Department after falling out of a tree onto a wooden fence. One fence pole transfixed left gluteus, left abdominal wall, left abdominal cavity, and left thoracic wall by transdiaphragmatic way.


Due to patient stability, a chest-abdomen CT scan with contrast medium was performed. It showed multiple parietal and visceral traumatic penetrating injuries from a foreign object.


After primary and secondary advanced trauma life support (ATLS) assessment, patient underwent successful surgery.


Patient was discharged on 9th postoperative day in good general clinical condition.


Impalement injury represents a rare and potentially lethal traumatic event. Unstable patients rarely reach Emergency Department alive. On the contrary, stable patients have a good chance of successful treatment, if they are quickly taken to tertiary Trauma Center. In this case, chest X-ray and Focused Assessment with Sonography for Trauma (FAST) represent useful diagnosing investigations, although CT scan remains gold standard. Conservative treatment is not possible, while thoracoscopy/laparoscopy/laparotomy is/are mandatory.


Pierpaolo Maietta was born in Italy on 27.04.1975, residing in Italy Via G. Baptist n 34,aware of the criminal liability that may be encountered in the case of false declarations, pursuant to and for the purposes of Articles. 48 and 76 of Presidential Decree 445/2000 and under their own responsibility, states the following, facts and personal qualities:


1. Bachelor's degree in medicine and surgery at the 'University of Naples "Federico II", 05/11/2001, 110/110. Title thesis in Neurosurgery: "Anatomical study of the endoscopic corner cerebellopontine angle." Substitute statement. High School of Specialization in Thoracic Surgery at the 'University of Naples "Federico II". 7.11.2006, vote 70/70. Thesis title: "Excision of pulmonary hypertension associated with myocardial revascularization surgery on a beating heart." Replacement certificate.PhD in pulmonary function and thoracic oncology at the Second University of Naples. 15.12.2009. Thesis title: "The lung transplantation." Replacement certificate.


1. July-December 2007: fixed-term appointment at the Nursing Home of Esther Villa Avellino - Unit First Aid. Medical and First Aid Guard.

2. September-December 2009: fixed-term appointment at the Nursing Home Montevergine di Mercogliano (AV) - A First Aid. Medical and First Aid Guard.

3. August-October 2010: fixed-term appointment of Medical Manager level at the Hospital Bolognini Seriate - Medical Unit and Emergency Surgery and acceptance of the garrison Lovere (BG).

3.1. January- July emergency Surgery with Prof. ROMANO.

4. 2009 to present: frequent doctor at AORN S. Giuseppe Moscati di Avellino - Department of General Surgery (Prof. Francesco Caracciolo).