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September 28-30, 2020 | Paris, France

Sinisa Maksimovic

Potential Poster Presenter for Anesthesia Conferences 2019 - Sinisa Maksimovic
Sinisa Maksimovic
Public Health Institution - Hospital "Sveti Vracevi" and University of Banja Luka - Bosnia and Herzegovina
Title : Prognostic importance of lymphy node metastases papillary thyroid carcinoma in recurrence of disease


Background: The purpose of this study is to establish whether the lymph node metastases of the papillary thyroid carcinoma are a significant factor in recurrence of the disease by analyzing the time until recurrence of the disease and frequency of recurrence of the disease. METHODS: From 1 January 1995 until 30 June 2017, 113 patients were treated at the Public Health Institute - Hospital "Sveti Vra?evi" in Bijeljina for PTC. In all patients, surgery of the thyroid gland and/or lymph nodes of the neck was performed. Total thyroidectomy (TT) was performed in 26 patients and near-total thyroidectomy leaving <1 g thyroid tissue adjacent to the recurrent laryngeal nerve in 7 patients. TT and lymph nodes dissection were performed in 77 patients. Palliative surgery and biopsy due to locally advanced disease were performed in 3 patients.

RESULTS: In our study, 113 patients with PTC were analyzed. 90 patients experienced pure PTC (79.6%), the other 23 patients (20.4%) experienced other variants of PTC. 26 patients (23%) experienced multicentric or bilateral tumors. 86 patients (76,1%) experienced histologically verified metastases in the lymph nodes of the neck. 7 patients (6.8%) experienced distant metastases. 27 patients underwent total thyroidectomy (TT), and 7 near-total thyroidectomy. Total thyroidectomy + dissection of central and lower jugular lymph nodes with frozen section histopathology verification was performed in 86 patients (76.1%). Out of these 86 patients, in 60 patients (69.7%) metastases were verified in the lower jugular lymph nodes. A modified lymph node dissection (MRND) was also performed in these patients.

CONCLUSION: Lymph node metastases of the papillary thyroid carcinoma are a plausible prognostic factor. They are important for recurrence of the disease, but not for survival.

Keyword: Prognostic importance, papillary thyroid carcinoma, recurrence


General Surgery Specialist in Public Health Institution, "Sveti Vra?evi" Hospital in Bijeljina. He passed the General Surgery Specialist Examination 1998 at the Faculty of Medicine in Belgrade. He is a member of several national, European and world associations of surgeons and oncological surgeons. He has published 209 scientific papers in the field of oncological surgery at national, European and world congresses and scientific journals. He was elected as an Associate Professor at the Department of Surgery at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Banja Luka on 1 March 2013. He has won many national and international awards.