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4th Edition of Global Conference on Surgery and Anaesthesia

September 18-20, 2023 | Hybrid Event

September 18 -20, 2023 | Valencia, Spain
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Abdus Samee Wasim

Abdus Samee Wasim, Speaker at Surgery Conferences 2022
Birmingham Orthopaedic Training Programme, United Kingdom
Title : Pre-operative anaemia hb 30g is associated with an extended inpatient stay following elective primary hip and knee replacements


Introduction: NICE guidelines recommend that pre-operative haemoglobin (Hb) should be ≥130g/L in patients undergoing elective surgery. At our centre the preoperative Hb cut-off, for patients undergoing elective joint replacement, is ≥110g/L. We aimed to compare the post-operative length of stay in anaemic (Hb<130g/L) and non-anaemic (Hb ≥130g/L) patients, undergoing elective primary knee or hip replacement.

Methods: A retrospective review of all patients who had undergone an elective primary knee or hip replacement, over a 6 week period, was carried out. Pre-operative Hb, day 1 post-operative Hb and inpatient length of stay data were all recorded. Patients with no pre-operative Hb available to review were excluded.

Results: A total of 99 patients (35 males, 64 females) were included in this study. 36 patients (3 males, 33 females; median age 70 years (32-89)) were found to be anaemic (Hb <130g/L pre-operatively). 63 patients (32 males, 31 females; median age 69 years (22-93)) were not anaemic pre-operatively. In the anaemic group, 13 patients underwent primary knee and 23 patients primary hip replacement. The median preoperative Hb was 120g/L (95-129g/L). The median day 1 post-operative Hb was 104g/L (72-143g/L). No day 1 postoperative Hb was available in 4 patients. In the non-anaemic group, 26 patients underwent primary knee and 37 primary hip replacement. The median preoperative Hb was 139g/L (130-169g/L). The median day 1 post-operative Hb was 104g/dL (86-123g/L). Median inpatient stay was longer in the anaemic group when compared to the non-anaemic group 3 days (1-74) vs. 5.5 days (1-103) (p= 0.08).

Conclusion: Although statistical significance has not been reached in this small study, there is a tendency towards a longer inpatient stay in patients undergoing elective lower limb arthroplasty who have preoperative anaemia (Hb <130g/L). Preoperative optimisation of the patient in general, and haemoglobin in particular, may reduce post-operative inpatient stay


Mr Wasim studied sciences at the Queen Elizabeth’s School London, United Kingdom developing an appetite for surgery at an early stage. He continued at Bart’s & the London School of Medicine, the oldest medical school in the world, graduating in 2014 with an MBBS (distinction) and BSc (Hons) in experimental pathology carrying out research at the Blizard Institute, London. He completed junior surgical training in Birmingham, achieving MRCS (England) and secured a trauma & orthopaedic specialty job on the prestigious Birmingham orthopaedic training programme. He has a keen interest in research and surgical education delivering multiple UK national training courses.