3rd Edition of Global Conference on Surgery and Anesthesia

September 14-15, 2022 | Online Event

September 14 -15, 2022 | Online Event
GCSA 2020

My evolution as a hypospadiologist

Sagar Aravind Jawale, Speaker at  Surgery Conferences
Jawale Institute of Pediatric Surgery, India
Title : My evolution as a hypospadiologist


Introduction: Last 20 years, I operated more than 1000 cases of hypospadias in my centre. When I started 20 years ago, I did the operations exactly as described by stalwarts in hypospadiology as Dr Henry Duckett, Dr Warren Snodgrass, but failed to give me any significant results. Hypospadias was considered as a mystery. Majority of surgeons thought that no matter what we do, there is a failure in hypospadias surgery. I did my research and did a lot of modifications in the technique of hypospadias surgery which improved my success rate from 60% to 99%. Materials and methods: I performed about 1000 cases of hypospadias in my centre in last 20 years. I developed following techniques for hypospadias surgery which are reported for the first time in the medical literature. I did 10 modifications in the Tabularised incised plate urethroplasty (Snodgrass technique) and improved success rate to 99.9%. I call it as Ten Commandments of hypospadias surgery. I performed 512 operations with this technique. I developed a new operation called Urethral Pull Up Operation for distal and mid-penile hypospadias and performed 75 cases with it. I further modified it and labelled it as modified urethral pull up operation with “Glans tunnel” and performed 25 cases with it. I developed “Appendicular mucosal tube implant with Dartos wrap operation for Proximal hypospadias and performed 22 cases with the technique. For proximal hypospadias I developed a new technique where the urethral plate is dissected off the penis, chordee corrected and the urethral plate repositioned. I performed 25 cases with this technique. I developed a technique of Laser Tissue welding in hypospadias surgery. Results: My success rate which was barely 60 % went up-to 99 % with the above techniques. Conclusions: Research and development in hypospadias surgery had a dramatic effect on the success rate of hypospadias surgery. By the understanding of basic principles of surgery and wound healing, I was able to solve the mystery of hypospadias surgery. We must try and evolve and develop new techniques for the welfare of hypospadias patients.


Dr. Sagar Jawale is a pediatric surgeon turned into a scientist. He has about 75 inventions in medical sciences till date,.25 of his inventions are reported for the first time in the history of medical sciences. He has developed 17 new operations and 12 new therapies in medicine which are under trial. He has been awarded with 2 international awards such as Antia Finseth innovation award 2017 and Siemens GAPIO innovation award in medicine 2018. He has invitations from all over the world for the demonstration of his inventions and as a keynote speaker on various topics.