3rd Edition of Global Conference on Surgery and Anesthesia

September 14-15, 2022 | Online Event

September 14 -15, 2022 | Online Event
GCSA 2020

Past, Present and Future of Cervical Spine Disc Surgery

Ricky Rasschaert, Speaker at Surgery Congress
Hospital Network Antwerp, Belgium
Title : Past, Present and Future of Cervical Spine Disc Surgery


Cervical spine surgery has been performed for more than a century. As the indications for surgery changed over the years, so did the surgical technique and technology that is being used. I will present the original indications and surgical solutions from around 1911, heading degenerative disease of the spine to address contemporary cervical disc surgery and end with a glimpse of what is coming towards us. The total cost of these operations is increasing year after year: more patients are being treated, patient age is no longer an exclusion; the price of implants is rising because of the evolution towards cervical disc prosthesis instead of fusion with cages and plates. The exponential rise in cost might create a shift back to non-instrumented minimally invasive surgeries.As more levels are being treated, either as a planned single surgery or as a second or third surgery on the cervical spine over time, to address further degeneration and adjacent segment disease, it might be wise to study the sagittal alignment of the cervical spine, in comparison to the lumbar spine. The presentation will end with an overview of the armamentarium the spine surgeon has at his disposal and summarizing the different treatment options.


Dr. Ricky Rasschaert is a neurosurgeon and spine surgeon at the ZNA Middelheim Hospital, the largest non-academic teaching hospital in Antwerp. The use of minimally invasive techniques and spinal reconstructive surgery are his main interests. 

He is member of several Neurosurgical and Spine societies.  He also has a teaching position and does research involving the treatment of Tarlov cysts, ME and on neuromonitoring in spine surgery cases.  There also is an active participation in the Spine Tango project, an international registry for spine surgery with the intention of improving quality of given care. Other interests are department and hospital management as well as medico-legal expertise.