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4th Edition of Global Conference on Surgery and Anaesthesia

September 18-20, 2023 | Hybrid Event

September 18 -20, 2023 | Valencia, Spain
GCSA 2021

Gamal Al Saied

Gamal Al Saied, Speaker at  Surgery Conferences
Al-Azhar University, Egypt
Title : Unusual cause of complex enteroenteric fistulae in children: A warning letter to the parents number II


Background: Infants and young children explore objects by putting them in the mouth. Although most swallowed foreign bodies pass spontaneously via the gastrointestinal tract without causing harm, some of them are potentially dangerous and may be lethal.

Patients and methods: Five children have swallowed multiple high strength and powerful rare earth Neodymium Magnetic beads. Three cases were subjected to open and two for laparoscopic exploration (one of them converted to open).

Results: Multiple complicated enteroenteric ?stulae were noted in three cases and multiple perforation of small intestine in two cases. Resection anastomosis was done for one case and simple closure of small bowel perforations for other four cases. Post operative course was uneventful for all patients and discharged in a good general condition.

Conclusion: General practitioners should be aware of the danger and complications of Neodymium Magnetic beads ingestion by children. Early endoscopic removal is recommended if the patient presents immediately after ingestion. Parents awareness through media is required to abandon magnetic beads in houses and where children can ingest those dangerous beads.


Professor Gamal Al-Saied graduated in 1986 from Al-Azhar University with Bachelor’s Degree in medicine and surgery with general grade very good with honor (9th of top ten graduates). Internship in 1987. Pediatric surgery Resident from 1989 till 1992. Master’s Degree (MSc) pediatric surgery in 1991. Demonstrator of pediatric surgery in 1992, Assistant lecturer in 1993. Medical Doctorate degree (MD) in 1998. Lecturer of pediatric surgery in 1998. Assistant professor of pediatric surgery in 2004. Fellowship of European Board In 2008, Glasgow, Scotland. Full professor of pediatric surgery in 2009. 30 international publications. Chapter in text book. Chairman of sessions in many international conferences. Editor in chief of two international journals and Editor in thirteen international journals