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5th Edition of Global Conference on Surgery and Anaesthesia

September 05-07, 2024 | Hybrid Event

September 05 -07, 2024 | Madrid, Spain
GCSA 2022

Ricky Rasschaert

Ricky Rasschaert, Speaker at Surgery Conferences
Hospital Network Antwerp, Belgium
Title : Complication avoidance and management in spine surgery


Spinal Surgery is like any other form of surgery at risk for unwanted or unexpected results.  Even with MISS, which has its own risks for complications our patients need to be instructed very well to avoid unhappy patients or even worse litigation. In this presentation I will present the general and specific risks and complications in spinal surgery  and how to try to avoid complications, or when present how deal with them.

Patients are more and more filing complaints or go to go court if the result is not what they hoped for.  The difference between an effort commitment and best effort is not always known and should be explained upfront. Every country has different ways how to deal with complications and medical errors. I will talk about the Belgian approach.     

Openness and honesty is usually the best approach: tell the patient that some part of the surgery did not go as planned, try to be clear and do not hide any part.  In my experience patients are more forgiving when their physician is honest and open. When they suspect something went wrong or things are hidden; patient lose their faith  and trust and it lowers the barriers to file a complaint.


Dr. Ricky Rasschaert is a neurosurgeon and spine surgeon at the ZNA Middelheim Hospital, the largest non-academic teaching hospital in Antwerp. The use of minimally invasive techniques and spinal reconstructive surgery are his main interests. 

He is member of several Neurosurgical and Spine societies.  He also has a teaching position and does research involving the treatment of Tarlov cysts, ME and on neuromonitoring in spine surgery cases.  There also is an active participation in the Spine Tango project, an international registry for spine surgery with the intention of improving quality of given care. Other interests are department and hospital management as well as medico-legal expertise.