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4th Edition of Global Conference on Surgery and Anaesthesia

September 18-20, 2023 | Hybrid Event

September 18 -20, 2023 | Valencia, Spain
GCSA 2022

Gunjan Bahuguna

Gunjan Bahuguna, Speaker at Surgery Congress
Grant Medical College, India
Title : Meatal - sparing dorsal onlay vaginal graft urethroplasty for female urethral strictures



Urethral stricture in females is a rare entity presenting with voiding lower urinary tract symptoms caused by urethral trauma or infection. It is diagnosed by urethral calibration as less than 14 F along with features of bladder outlet obstruction on urodynamics  and a narrowed urethra is seen on urethroscopy or VCUG. Conservative options include urethral dilation whereas urethral reconstructive approaches can be by the dorsal or the ventral route with the use of various grafts (buccal/ lingual/ vaginal).


A case of meatal- sparing dorsal onlay vaginal graft urethroplasty as a variation of the conventional dorsal onlay urethroplasty is described as a definitive treatment of female urethral stricture with favourable results.


A surgical video presents a step-wise procedure of meatal- sparing dorsal onlay vaginal graft urethroplasty.


The urethra is dissected in the dorsal plane by a suprameatal inverted-U shaped incision and a dorsal  urethrotomy made over the strictured segment, sparing the meatus. Not including the meatus here avoids a widened neo-meatus  and possible spraying of urinary stream. Meticulous dissection and staying close to the strictured fibrous urethra preserves sexual function, and limits blood loss from the clitoral neurovascular bundle which is in close proximity; adding  to the advantages associated with dorsal conventional approach.


Meatal - sparing dorsal onlay vaginal graft urethroplasty can be performed as a slight variation of the standard dorsal urethroplasty in mid and proximal urethral strictures with excellent results.


Gunjan Bahuguna is currently working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Grant Medical College Mumbai. She has done a post-doctoral certificate course in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstruction from AIIMS Rishikesh. She is passionate about uplifting the health of women, particularly in the rural areas plagued with a low resource health system and has played leading roles in setting up the department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology in the hills.

For her remarkable social work in the rural hills of Uttarakhand, she has been nominated for the Rashtriya Gaurav Award 2022 in India.