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5th Edition of Global Conference on Surgery and Anaesthesia

September 05-07, 2024 | Hybrid Event

September 05 -07, 2024 | Madrid, Spain
GCSA 2024

Revolutionizing outpatient care: The rise of specialty centers in post-pandemic healthcare

Alejandro Badia, Speaker at Anaesthesia Conferences
Founder, Badia Hand to Shoulder Center, United States
Title : Revolutionizing outpatient care: The rise of specialty centers in post-pandemic healthcare


In the wake of the global pandemic, healthcare systems worldwide have faced unprecedented challenges, prompting a reevaluation of traditional care delivery models. As the focus shifts towards enhancing outpatient care, the emergence of all-in-one specialty centers, exemplified by OrthoNOW and the adjacent Surgery Center at Doral, offer a compelling solution. This representative clinical center also includes full imaging options as well as the offices of several subspecialist orthopedic surgeons who provide the expertise at the aforementioned facilities. These centers integrate walk-in facilities with surgical, imaging, and rehabilitation services, streamlining patient pathways and optimizing outcomes. Perhaps most importantly, this all inclusive clinical center can be, and has been, easily replicated, thus impacting the greater healthcare system.

This presentation delves into the transformative impact of specialty centers on outpatient care delivery, offering valuable insights for healthcare professionals across disciplines. Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of how this innovative model can be leveraged to improve patient care, operational efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

By exploring the success of OrthoNOW and similar initiatives, attendees will learn practical strategies for implementing similar approaches within their own healthcare practices. From orthopedics to ophthalmology, the principles underlying these specialty centers are applicable across various medical specialties, empowering attendees to tailor the concepts to their specific areas of expertise.

Moreover, this presentation addresses the broader implications of specialty centers in healthcare reform. By decentralizing services from traditional hospital settings, these centers alleviate strain on emergency departments while enhancing accessibility and affordability for patients. Attendees will discover how this shift towards specialized outpatient care aligns with overarching goals of healthcare reform, offering a roadmap for sustainable and patient-centric healthcare delivery.

Furthermore, this presentation highlights the potential for interdisciplinary collaboration within specialty centers, fostering a holistic approach to patient care. Attendees will explore opportunities for synergy between primary care physicians and subspecialists, maximizing diagnostic accuracy and treatment efficacy.

For healthcare professionals, this presentation offers actionable insights that can enhance their practice in several ways:

  1. Improving Patient Outcomes: By adopting the specialty center model, attendees can streamline care pathways, leading to faster diagnoses, superior clinical outcomes, and enhanced patient satisfaction.
  2. Enhancing Operational Efficiency: Attendees will learn strategies for optimizing resource utilization and reducing unnecessary testing, ultimately improving workflow efficiency and reducing healthcare costs.
  3. Informing Teaching and Research: The principles discussed offer valuable insights for educators and researchers, providing a foundation for exploring innovative approaches to healthcare delivery and clinical practice.
  4. Facilitating Interdisciplinary Collaboration: By fostering collaboration between primary care providers and subspecialists, attendees can enhance care coordination and optimize treatment plans, ultimately improving patient outcomes and satisfaction.

The post-pandemic era presents a unique opportunity to reimagine healthcare delivery, with a focus on enhancing outpatient care through specialty centers. By leveraging the insights and strategies presented, attendees can drive meaningful change within their practices, ultimately contributing to a more efficient, accessible, and patient-centric healthcare system.


Dr. Alejandro Badia  is a hand and upper limb orthopedic surgeon practicing in Miami and New York City. He founded orthonow, a network of orthopedic walk-in centers, and authored the book, “Healthcare from the Trenches” during the lockdown of 2020.