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Vesna Nikolov

Keynote speaker for surgery conference 2019 - Vesna Nikolov
Vesna Nikolov
Clinics of Neurosurgery CC Nis,Serbia


I was born on 6th of June 1969 in Nis, Serbia. I graduated from elementary school tha was located in Nis, same as my medical high school Dr Milenko Hadzic, department of physiotherapist.
In 1988, I enrolled in the Medical University in Nis and graduted in 1993, with and average grade 9,13.
I started working in October, 1994 at the Medical Universityin Ni as an associate. I was admitted to the Clinic of Neurosurgery in Nis on July 15th ,1995.  I started a specialization in neurosurgery in the same year, and graduated it in November 2000.
I defended my master thesis called:  "Analyzing the condition of patients with head injuries within the politraum" in 1998, at the Medical Faculty in Nis.
My doctorial dissertation called:"Infection as a postoperative complication in neurosurgical patients," I defended in 2005 at the same place, i.e.  at the Medical Facutly of Nis.
Since 2007 I am an associate - assistant on the subject of Surgery with War Surgery - Neurosurgery, at the Medical Faculty in Nis and since 2013 i am an professor's assistan  at the same faculty.
In April 2017 I was elected for a Director of the Clinic for Neurosurgery at the Clinical Center Nis.
I went on a lot of educational trainings held by professionals in my country and abroad, I have also received many certificates from those courses.
I was a participant in the projects called:

1)The use of the "Novo Seven" preparation in mass bleeding in trauma in general surgery and neurosurgery,

2) Application of Clazmosentan in order to prevent the occurrence of connective tissue following operative resolution of aneurysmal changes in the blood vessels.
Now, I am the head manager of the project called: “Molecular diagnostics of glioblastoma”.
I have 63scientific and professional papers published.